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A little about H...

Since childhood Haley Hilts, founder and CEO of Authentique Design Collective, has had a unique and undeniable passion for interior design. While climbing the corporate ladder, she lent her distinct perspective to family and friends on countless projects with breathtakingly beautiful results. Combining her keen leadership skills with her raw talent in home design, she launched ADC in October of 2019.

Haley prides herself in creating authentic experiences catering to each client's individual style. She also specializes in repurposing existing pieces, resulting in entirely new and economical creations highlighting clients' familiar and sentimental items. She does a wonderful job combining an out-of-the-box artistic view, along with strong business acumen allowing her to meet client's needs financially and stylistically.

She possesses a one-of-a-kind tenacious drive and work-ethic stemming from her competitive nature as a former award-winning collegiate athlete. When she isn't working with clients or anything ADC related, Haley loves playing beach volleyball, singing, enjoying a glass of bourbon and spending time with her friends and family (especially her nephews and cat Denzel Washington.)