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Home is Where the ♡ is


Welcome to the HomeBeat Blog. Here, we will provide you with all things home. From projects we're working on, to how-tos and industry updates that you may be searching as you take a break from work or rambunctious kiddos; we've got you covered!



My Heart Rate is off the Charts!

It's about darn time I launch the website and blog... I was so plugged into projects and other aspects of the biz, that I put off setting up a platform that allows us to rant and rave about the hottest trends or the latest project HbH is working on ;) I am beyond thrilled that the HomeBeat Blog is now live creating another outlet to connect and share my passion with anyone who is willing to tune in. With all of the time we're spending at home, your house should truly spark all the joy in the words of #MarieKondo! Whether you're looking for ideas, you're on a tight budget or sky is the limit, we're here to think outside of the box and help you create a space that exceeds your vision and truly is one-of-a-kind. We want people to be searching your #Pinterest picture!



One for me, and one for my homies.”  - Dr. Evil 

We may think we're all that and a bag of potato chips, but we're nothing without a squad of phenomenal supporters, clients and all-around amazing humans! Yes, you need passion in what you're doing, but if there isn't a receptive audience to provide feedback and guide what we're focusing on, then our ideas are just that, ideas and imagination. With you, we're able to bring ideas to reality and have a grand ole time doing it. You'll hear me call you all #Home-ies because yes, I may have an obsession with Austin Powers, but it also suits with what we do at HbH as well. Cheers to each one of you Home-ies! :)


Home-ie Hacks

Who doesn't love a tip or two to help us in the hustle and bustle of every day. No matter which life path you follow, there is a ton to keep up with. We will share a plethora of hacks around the home that will hopefully help, not be a burden or stress ya out. We also invite you to share any hacks you have learned rocking it like you do. We will then give you a shout out on the HomeBeat Blog. We're all in this together, now more than ever constructing our new normal!


Feel the Pulse

Now that we got the blog intro out of the way... we can get ya all the good stuff and show ya all the things. Stay plugged in to more HomeBeat Blog posts to feel the pulse on what you can rock in your home!

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